Your Shopping Cart is Full (a funny name for a portfolio, I know)

The images in this series were initially imagined in part as a way to express ideas of how women, are imagined, portrayed and often objectified in popular advertising, media and culture.  Some of the images I have made shroud the woman’s face or parts of her body in paint or pixilation and is meant to negate her individual importance without diminishing her appeal as is common practice when using images of women to sell products. Others try for this but are unable to diminish her power.  

The digital mark making with paint on these images is vital part of my personal connection to them.  All of the images are created with intense colors that draw from pop culture and signify the intensity of the visual culture of advertising and mass media, reminding us that the color palette as well as the subject are enriched. 

I explore the cellular level of the photographic image, the pixel, as a way to “reveal” and “conceal” parts of the person, the truth, the device, the subject and to expose the fact that our images are just pixels, malleable, interpretable, unreliable markers of time and truth, yet they are powerful and often perceived as truth.

The images in this body of work represent the fusion of hybridization of mark making and photography. The constraints of photographic purity and technical skill began lifting with the post-modernists and have further opened up the photograph as just one tool to be used in the ever-growing vocabulary or art making. The potential for mark making, appropriation, reinterpretation and digital manipulation allow for enormous flexibility and conceptual bandwidth in expanding the possibilities of photography.