About Us

Meet Jari

Working in photography has been a lifelong passion that turned into a career well over a decade ago. Having had a career as a dancer and choreographer and then director of dance organizations, I bring my years of practice and perspective as an artist to my work as a photographer.  

My love of dance, music, literature, poetry, and the visual arts inform my work and are a continual source of inspiration that I bring to every session.  When we plan your session, my goal is to make images that bring out what is unique and special about you.

The most satisfying aspect of my work is the privilege of being trusted to make enduring images of you.  In my time off I make art, take long walks, practice yoga, and hang out with my best friend and husband, Rob.  I'm also passionate about cooking beautiful food for the people I love.

This is my late, and dearly missed 1st Assistant, Buddy. He is seen here with me on the beach on Cape Cod.  He was quite the dashing prince, a gentle giant, and just a bit shy. He spent many days on the set with me and always welcomed a chance to have his portrait made. He'll be the great spirit at my side as long as I carry a camera.